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Isabelle Bogojevic
Isabelle is a senior and this is her second year writing for The Scratching Post! She loves The Scratching Post so much that she's taking an independent study 7th period because the class conflicts with AP Lit (it was quite a source of stress in her life last year, among everything else). So, catch her, Dylan Cohen, Mr. Killinger, and Mrs. Brilowski hanging out in the publications room then! Anyway, she sings in concert choir, runs for the cross country and track teams, dabbles in Backlight Theatre Company, and participates in VIP. Somewhat unfortunately, she works at Dairy Queen, so visit her to make her shift a little bit better (but please don't order a banana split or a royal blizzard)! When she's not busy, she loves to spend time with her friends, cuddle with her dogs, and watch House of Cards. Next fall, she will start her studies as a political science major at the University of Michigan. P.S. Shoutout to anyone who actually reads these!

Isabelle Bogojevic, Managing Editor

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The student newspaper of Vernon Hills High School