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2017-2018 Staff

Owen Laser

Staff Reporter

Owen Laser is a staff reporter in 9th grade. He joined The Scratching Post because he has a nose for news and knack for finding the truth in anything. Owen is currently involved in such clubs as: Ping...

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Nicole Pinter

Staff Reporter

Nicole Pinter is a staff reporter in her first year as a part of The Scratching Post. Nicole, a senior, is going to major in sports broadcasting in college which is why she joined the school newspape...

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Isay Nochebuena

Staff Reporter

Isay Nochebuena is a freshman reporter at the Scratching Post. He joined the Scratching Post because of his interest in how people are affected by different stories. Isay is interested in sleep, reading...

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Rachel Chung


Rachel Chung is the Editor-in-Chief of The Scratching Post. She joined newspaper freshman year because she wished to pursue journalism as a career. However, now she wants to major in business, economic...

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Tyler Kading

Staff Reporter

Tyler Kading is a staff reporter for The Scratching Post. A junior, 2017-18 is Tyler's first year working for the scratching post. Tyler joined the Scratching Post because he desires to be a broadcast...

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Peyton Newman

Staff Reporter

Peyton Newman is a sophomore and this is her first year on The Scratching Post! Peyton is a part of Student Council, #VHGive, Cheerleading, and Varsity Track and Field. Peyton aspires to be a journalist...

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Katy Brennan

Managing Editor

Katy Brennan is the Managing Editor at The Scratching Post and a junior this year. This is her first year on the paper, and she is hoping to pursue journalism and politics in the future. She is involved...

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Luc Gudmundson

Staff Reporter

Luc is a Junior and a Staff Reporter on The Scratching Post.

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Rachel Levy

Staff Reporter

Rachel Levy is the Copy Editor at The Scratching Post.This is her second year being apart of the team. She joined journalism last year due to her love for writing and hopes to minor in journalism in c...

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Eli Wolfson

Staff Reporter

Eli Wolfson is the Layout Editor of The Scratching Post. He joined the newspaper his sophomore year to go to Disney World. He instantly fell in love with the class, especially with the layout. As a sen...

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