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Plans After VHHS

Alia Mariella, Staff Reporter

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Most people at VHHS follow a very traditional path after high school; they graduate after four years, go to college, and start their adult lives. However, some people have chosen to take a very different path once they graduate high school. Three people in particular in this years graduating class have chosen to do some awesome things once they graduate.

Cristian Adame (12) plans to join the Air Force once he graduates high school. Adame has planned to ship out on July 4th for his Basic Military Camp down in San Antonio, Texas. He has chosen this very different path for a couple of reasons.

“I chose this because I know myself and I believe that I wouldn’t be able to handle college on my own. It also helps me  to become a better person and I plan to try to take some college courses throughout the length of my service in the Air Force,” said Adame.

Cristian is very excited about what his future holds. He will have many opportunities to travel new places in the world and meet new people. This being said, it would be hard to not be nervous at all in making such a brave choice as Adame. He is most nervous about everything he will be leaving behind. He will miss his family and friends so much but he knows he is making one of his best decisions.

Lastly,  Sawyer Cutler (12), plans to take a year or two off of school play hockey in the Junior Leagues rather than attending a traditional four year school. He chose to do this because he has played hockey for almost 13 years and would love to achieve his goal of playing either Division I or Division III hockey in college, meaning he plans to attend a 4 year school after junior hockey.  Cutler is most excited to have the opportunity to play in a high level of hockey and be on the path to achieve his goals of playing collegiate hockey one day.

“ I am not sure what I’m most nervous for, I’m slightly nervous for the tryouts but mostly about the change in my lifestyle”.

Cutler explained a little bit more about the Junior Leagues to me that I thought I would share. He explained that it is mainly for 16-20 year olds and that there are three levels. Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III. The most well known leagues are the USHL, the NAHL, and USPHL.

These boys have made some pretty awesome decisions for themselves for the next for years and I am impressed with their willingness to step out of the box and pursue their goals.  I am very impressed with their work ethics and their motivation to make the most out of their years after VHHS. I wish the best of luck to them.

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Plans After VHHS