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Where should you study next? Coffee shops.

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Hansa Coffee-

Walking in and sniffing the full scent of rich coffee. Hansa is probably one of my favorite coffee shops for when I’m looking to create some conversation over a nice honey latte or just a quiet and peaceful place to study over the sound of the blues/jazz music.You walk in and immediately feel like you’re at home with the cozy, wooden, hipster feels; auburn cherry wood with a touch of light teak, accentuating the overall feel of the atmosphere. The amazing thing is that the seating area is actually in a garage, which gives it that different approach than your average coffee shop. But the best thing is that in summer the garage doors open and the sunshine just lights the place up and everyone is having a good time. And don’t worry if there aren’t any tables left– everyone is friendly and won’t mind if you share a table with them. If you’re looking for a place to get some work done and have a study session with friends, I totally recommend this place. It’s not only super cute and fun, but just overall a fantastic place to collaborate with friends and get that work done that we all need to finish.


Beans and Leaves coffee and tea cafe-

When talking about outdoor study atmosphere, this is the place to go. You immediately walk in and everyone gives you a smile. The best thing about Beans and Leaves Cafe is the fact that they have outdoor live music, with beautiful wire and wooden tables surrounding the stage. It is great for summer on those hot days that we all just want to sit down and have a iced coffee and get some work done. This cafe is really small inside but the outside is where their whole coffee shop comes alive. On a hot spring day I always go there and order their matcha green tea latte with coconut milk, and let me tell you, it is pristine. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and bitter. If you’re the person who enjoys studying outdoors and enjoying that sunshine this is the place for you. Casual, calm, relaxing, and a fun time.


Prairie espresso and wine bar-

Just like Beans and Leaves Cafe, Prairie Espresso and Wine Bar is held mainly outside too. They’re presented in an ally of a small town in Lake Bluff. Their actual shop is very small. It is a place to just go up and order your coffee and then go outside and sit down under all the green vines and pretty strung lights above your head. This is an amazing place for a nice relaxing morning to just get some emails sent or work on some homework and get a nice cup of coffee and in general enjoy the outdoor space. I come here all the time just to sit down under the greenery and enjoy a nice iced latte. Everyone is super friendly and won’t mind sharing a table, but don’t worry there are tons of tables to sit at. Not many people know of this place but when you go, you’ll fall in love and I guarantee it.



Do you need a place to study at on a colder day and can’t get that outdoor seating that we all wish? Or do you just want to stay inside and enjoy the view? Well we all know the typical Starbucks Coffee, but have you tried studying in there? Not only can you get your coffee that everyone raves about, but you can also get in a good study session. Starbucks probably has the best wifi, so if you need that quick wifi to get everything done, I totally recommend Starbucks. Everyone probably thinks that Starbucks would be quite loud to study at, but if you go in the afternoon or early morning it is almost totally quiet, with soft music in the background. There are plenty of tables to sit at and people don’t mind to share a table with you, everyone is friendly if you ask politely. The best thing is that by every table they have outlets, so don’t worry, if your computer dies, you’ll always find somewhere to plug it in.So next time you need a close place to study at and get a nice cup of coffee, this is your place to go just to get some work done or have some nice conversation over a latte.


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Where should you study next? Coffee shops.