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Fashion trends of Spring 2017

Rachel Levy, Staff Reporter

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Boyfriend jeans: Say goodbye to skinny jeans and hello to boyfriend jeans. Vintage and baggy jeans are back in style, and now that the spring season is just around the corner, we need to prepare our closet for the best.
Here it is: ankle cut boyfriend jeans with fringe on the bottom. They’re just like any other pair of jeans, but better. You can pair them with any basic t-shirt or patterns such as stripes and flowers. My go-to with this pair of pants is a loose white button down shirt; I roll up the sleeves halfway and tuck the shirt into my pants. Add a thick, chunky belt and some cute strappy sandals, and there you go. Simple, yet put together.


Body wraps: Rompers have always been a huge hit for the spring and summer time, but now they’re more fashionable and flattering than ever. The body-wrap romper is the same thing as a romper, but the top is just two pieces of fabric. You put your arms through the holes, and then you tie it around your body the way you like it. I find this piece to be very elegant, girly, and flattering on any body. If you’re a fan of rompers, you will be a fan of body wraps.


Off the shoulder shirts & dresses: Suns out, guns out, but in a more flattering way. Warmer weather is on its way, so why not show off a little more upper body? The collar bone is the most flattering part on the female body, and in that case, this shirt will show it all. Pair this top with some boyfriend jeans or colored pants, throw on some cute ankle
booties, and there you go!

Urban Outfitters

Overall dress: We went from overalls on a farm, to overalls on the runway. Fashion has brought overalls to a whole new level of style, and now here it is, the overall dress. More girly, and definitely more for spring and summer the overall dress can go from super girly to more hipster. I love pairing an overall dress with a cute crop top or regular t-shirt, either plain or patterned. Then I will throw on some cute, fun ankle socks and a pair of white Superstar Adidas shoes to complete the look.

Lissy Roddyy

Slip dresses: Let’s bring it back to the 1920’s when the flapper girls were the style icons. I am so glad that slip dresses are back because they’re so easy to style with whatever you have. They come in many variations, such as stripes and plain colors, crazy prints, lacy. My favorite casual go to look with a slip dress is to wear a plain t-shirt underneath it and throw on some cute short black booties. When I want to give a slip dress a little more spice, I will gravitate towards a velvet slip dress and pair it with a mock-neck, bell-bottom sleeve top with some simple lace boot socks and some light brown booties. Slip dresses will definitely be a hit this season, so get out there and try something new!


Stripes: The best time to wear striped clothing is all the time! But especially in Spring. Stripes are back and are the hot print of  spring time. They are a very flattering print by accentuating in just the right spots no matter what body type. Thick stripes, thin stripes, or universal, they all look very beautiful on clothing. I love taking a basic over-sized sweater and placing it with striped pants. It gives the look more to it than just regular blue jeans. Also striped rompers and over the shoulder shirts are a huge trend this year.


Big belts/corsets: Let’s bring things back the 80’s and the early 2000’s, where big belts were a huge part of fashion. Belts are now coming back, and they’re more fashionable than ever. You can pair a belt with any plain outfit whether it’s just jeans, skirts, or rompers. Flashing back to the sixteenth century corsets were always underneath dresses to give females a slimmer waist, but now in 2017, corsets are back and in a new way. You pair a corset on the outside of your clothing, almost as a big belt, and you can pair it with a loose sweater, t-shirt, or dress, and it makes your figure look very flattering to the way it sucks you in and gives you that curved figure. Belts and corsets are back, but who knows for how long, so hop on the trend if you’re looking for something new and spontaneous.

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Fashion trends of Spring 2017