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The Scratching Post

2016-2017 Staff

Jeffrey Rosenstock

Staff Reporter

Jeffrey Jordan Rosenstock was born and raised in the mean streets of Vernon Hills. As a child, his mother was afraid to let him out of the house alone in fear of his life being taken by the constant gu...

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Dylan Cohen

Staff Reporter

Dylan Cohen (@thedylanosaurus EVERYWHERE) is a gal you'd be proud to take home to your parents. She spends most of her time trying to remember names, living at Cook Memorial Public Library, and stre...

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Matt Kieft

Staff Reporter

Matt Kieft is a Senior at Vernon Hills High School. This is his first year writing for the Newspaper. He's excited for the experience that is Journalism. Matt wants to pursue a career in Journalism by stud...

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Lauren Blitstein

Staff Reporter

Lauren Blitstein is currently a senior at Vernon Hills High School and is very excited for her first year on staff with The Scratching Post. Over the past four years, she has been involved in athletics,...

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Alec Mollenhauer

Staff Reporter

Alec Mollenhauer is currently a Senior.  This is his first year writing for The Scratching Post. He is involved in robotics. Outside of school, he is interested in aviation and hopes to pursue a degree...

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Katie Elliott

Staff Reporter

Katie is currently a Senior at VHHS.  This is her first year being on the Scratching Post staff.  When she's not writing articles, she's probably writing some kind of poem or story.  She enjoys writing...

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Jessica Nudelman

Staff Reporter

Jessica Nudelman is currently a junior at Vernon Hills High School and this is her first year at the Scratching Post. Jessica is part of fencing and VH give, but also loves playing piano outside of school....

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Gene Palazkou

Staff Reporter

Gene Palazkou was born on a crisp and frosty night in the valleys of central Belarus. He was raised on the streets, and spent most of his time being a renegade, and gambling by the Lenin Memorial. At a...

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Isabelle Bogojevic

Managing Editor

Isabelle is a senior and this is her second year writing for The Scratching Post! She loves The Scratching Post so much that she's taking an independent study 7th period because the class conflicts with...

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Rachel Levy

Staff Reporter

Rachel Levy is a junior at Vernon Hills High School. This is her first year working for The Scratching Post. Rachel is involved in many activities throughout the school, such as Volleyball, Cheerleading,...

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Adam Hamer

Staff Reporter

Adam Hamer is a Vernon Hills senior. Some of his friends would call him a dreamer. Sports, Fine arts, and chilling might be his hobbies, but writing some super sick stories are his procedure.   Stick...

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Peyton Moseley

Staff Reporter

Peyton Moseley, currently a senior and Vernon Hills High School, is involved in journalism and will be writing for The Scratching Post for the first time this year.  Peyton aspires to be majoring in nursing...

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Drew Winegardner

Staff Reporter

Drew is a senior here at VHHS and begins his first year on the adventure that is journalism.  Drew participates in football and baseball here at the school.  When he is not practicing his sports you...

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Sofiya Potapchuk

Staff Reporter

Sofiya Potapchuk is a sophomore in Vernon Hills High School. She dreams of becoming a singer/rapper/dancer/actress/model/T.V personality/YouTuber/fashion designer. I know right. She's crazy. She highly...

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Alia Mariella

Staff Reporter

Alia Mariella is a senior at Vernon Hills High School and this is her first year writing as a Staff Reporter for the Scratching Post. She is involved in Track and Field and she likes to run and spend tim...

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Eli Wolfson

Staff Reporter

Eli Wolfson is currently a Jr. This is his second year writing for The Scratching Post he is looking forward to write new articles for the newspaper. He is involved in Student Council as the Junior Cl...

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Rachel Chung

Copy Editor

Rachel Chung is a sophomore at VHHS, and this is her second year working on The Scratching Post. She is involved with VHGive, JSA, Best Buddies, and is on the Interact Executive Board. She would like to ...

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Veronica Wernicke


Veronica is currently a senior and this is her fourth year writing for The Scratching Post. She looks forward to being Editor-In-Chief and to continue writing for the newspaper until graduation. Besides writing ...

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